Headphones, head-mounted gaming headset, 7.1-channel noise-canceling microphone, ps4 gaming headset for PS4, Nintendo…

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About the downtime:
The new earphones are like new cars, and they want to go through a good early run-in to show the most efficient performance of the headphones, and they’re more durable.
Untouched headphones: large distortion, low frequency dive Is not deep, small amount of measurement, stiff, medium frequency is not soft enough, high frequency glitch
Headphones after the machine is down: the compliant increase, the low, medium and high frequency performance is easy, the sound quality is good.
How to pick out up the headset:
1. Use the volume of one-third of the normal listening strength to drive the headphones for 12 hours (better with 100~15000Hz/5s) and softer music;
2. Use the volume of two-thirds of the normal listening intensity to drive the headphones for 12 hours (better with 50~18000Hz/3s sweeping signals) odd music;
3. Use the normal listening intensity to drive the headphones for 72 Hours (bett Er with 20~20000Hz/2s sweep signal)
4, use the normal listening intensity of four-fourths of the volume to drive the headset for 24 hours (use 18 ~ 22000Hz / 1s sweep signal is better)
5. Enter the normal Use stage

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1. Acoustic and happy, as a new generation of high-resolution audio headphones, the headphones have many years of audio technology (improve 96KHz/24Bit high-resolution audio playback)
2. 1 year tuning tuning – high resolution vocals to reach a new generation of top of the range headphone headphones, high-fidelity headphones, the real reproduction of the original sound color of high-resolution audio
3. The head beam link part, the whole head beam is strong and durable, the earphone is light, it’ll not bring too much burden, it is more suitable for long-term wear, giving you advanced wearing enjoyment and adaptive adjustment. Comfortable to wear and light weight. Internal connection, silver-plated single crystal oxygen-free copper wire state purity, reduced degree of silver-containing soldering because of signal loss caused by wire
4.50MM imported by the alloy polymer dynamic ring diaphragm (improve 96KHz/24Bit high-resolution sound source playback) the same playback equipment audition, the thinner the diaphragm, the smaller the inertia. The frequency response is increased from 20Hz-20Khz to 5Hz-25Khz. The sound is more natural and transparent. The diaphragm segmentation vibration effect is reduced. The continuity between the diaphragm center and the peripheral diaphragm is higher.
5.50mm drive unit, newly developed 50mm diameter drive unit, magnet made of rare earth material, with full copper wire voice coil structure, greatly improved performance, high fidelity to reproduce every musical detail.